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Bee Harley and her friends will be performing between 1 and 2pm on Thursday, 15 August at St Stephen’s Church, High Street, Exeter:


All proceeds will be donated to RSD. Please attend this concert if you are able to, and please inform all your friends about it.


3161BB10-A90C-4BB1-B099-6AAB0E73597BIn June 2018 RSD’s Casework Coordinator, Neli Montes De Oca, and three drop-in volunteers – Alex Goodman, Suzy Aburagheb and Tony Griffin (pictured with Neli) – passed the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) examination, with the result that RSD has been awarded Level One accreditation. The 3.5 hour exam – which was taken in London – was in two parts, a multiple-choice section and an exercise in which a letter had to be drafted, outlining the possible routes a client might access to remain in the UK. Both sections needed to be completed successfully and the pass-mark was 65%.

OISC is an executive non-departmental public body sponsored by the Home Office which regulates immigration advisers, ensuring they are fit and competent and act in the best interest of their clients. Level One OISC accreditation allows Neli and her colleagues to provide basic advice, including giving help with completing certificates for travel to clients granted humanitarian protection or discretionary leave; making applications to vary conditions for people without recourse to public funds; assisting with applications for leave to remain and with the ten-year route for indefinite leave to remain; and registration of a child as a British Citizen.

As a result of this accreditation Neli and her colleagues will be offering advice clinics every Thursday between 12:30 and 14:30 in the Exeter Community Centre, probably in a new office as the usual drop-in service between 14:00 and 16:00 will continue to run. Depending on demand and the availability of funds these hours may be extended. In the meantime, Neli will be in contact with other organisations which provide immigration advice to discuss how RSD might work with them.

Neli would like to acknowledge the assistance given by Refugee Action, who provided five full days of webinar-based training, answered questions, checked writing exercises and gave information about the OISC registration process. Without their support, Neli says, she and her colleagues would probably not have completed the process successfully.

Our warmest congratulations to Neli, Suzy, Alex, and Tony on this wonderful achievement!



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